Custom Knife Workplace Tour

Where the magic happens! Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of Vancouver Island Custom Knifemaker Scott Laughlin‘s sharpening shop and custom knife workplace. It just goes to show you what you can make with a small amount of equipment.

If you have any for questions for Scott, or would you like to place an order, contact us anytime. 


custom knife belt grinderKMG 2HP Belt Grinder
75% of the construction happens on this machine.
This machine is for hollow grinding, flat grinding, and sharpening.
custom knives metal cutting bandsawMetal Cutting Bandsaw
This is for profiling blades, cutting fibreglass and carbon fibre.
3/4 HP Balder Buffer is in the background.
14″ with 6″ Throat Extend
Used to cut burls and blocks.
Various belts for knife making in the background.
Variable Speed Drill Press
selecton of natural hardwoodsNatural Hardwoods 
A selection of woods for knife handles.
knife templatesKnife Templates
Pre-heat treated and some in process blades.
hand sanding sectionHand Sanding Section
Epoxies and finishes are applied here.
Life is too short to carry an ugly knife! Make sure yours is a cut above the rest.
Check out our selection of custom knives and contact us to request an order.


Nothing stops a Sandstorm.


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