Custom Knife maker Scott Laughlin with one of his beautiful custom knives.

Custom knife maker Scott Laughlin shows off one of his beautiful handmade creations. (Image courtesy of Campbell River Mirror: www.campbellrivermirror.com)

Custom Knife Maker, Scott Laughlin 

Scott Laughlin is the owner-operator of Sandstorm Custom Knives and Sharpening, where he makes beautiful handmade knives of all varieties. All Sandstorm Custom Knives come with a lifetime guarantee, their own hand-sewn leather sheath, and free lifetime sharpening at Sandstorm’s shop located in Campbell River, Vancouver Island. 

Read about Scott’s journey with Sandstorm Knives.

Sandstorm Mission: Top Quality Custom Knives

Scott’s mission is to build the best knives for every purpose and, in doing so, he builds all of his knives from the handle out. This ensures the most comfortable grip possible before he even begins designing the blade. After all, you can put twenty feet of steel out in front of the handle…but if it’s not comfortable, who wants to use it?

Only the Best Materials

All of the wood and synthetic materials used for the handles are laminated to carbon fibre with carbon fibre bolsters in front. This is Sandstorm’s trademark process. It not only looks great but the carbon fibre offers amazing strength and stability to the handle material. On high end knives, Scott makes his own Mosaic Pins, which can be made to look like flowers, stars, and other patterns you might want. 

Seriously Tough Blades 

The blades on all Sandstorm knives are either hollow ground or flat ground, depending on the type of steel and its intended purpose. Both are easy to use and resharpen. All knives come with blades that are professionally heat treated and tempered. The blades come back to Sandstorm with the Rockwell hardness tested and marked on the blade tangs (handle portion). 

If you have any questions for Scott or would like to chat about your next knife order, give us a shout! Or come on down to our shop and say hi in person. 

Life is too short to carry an ugly knife! Make sure yours is a cut above the rest.


Nothing stops a Sandstorm.


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