This guest post has been written by one of our excellent customers, Garland Coulson. Hear what he has to say about his Sandstorm Custom Chef Knife!

“I love to cook. My wife and I can usually create better food at home than most restaurants. As someone who whittles, I also appreciate good, sharp knives. As I was cooking more and more, it became apparent that my regular kitchen knives bought at a department store were woefully inadequate, even when I sharpened them the best I could. I started to research chef’s knives with an eye to buying some better ones. I hadn’t really thought about the idea of custom chef knives.

Sandstorm Knives Custom Chef Knife

Get more out of your time in the kitchen with a Sandstorm Custom Chef Knife. For amateur cooks and professional chefs alike, a knife like this – one that’s custom fitted to your hand – will maximize your enjoyment.

Then I came across Scott Laughlin, owner of Sandstorm Knives, at a local art festival and was blown away by the stunning artistry and quality of his custom knives. He had beautiful custom hunting, pocket, fishing and kitchen knives that took my breath away. The moment I held one in my hands, I knew I had to have one.

I chatted with Scott and eventually settled on a custom chef knife for my first custom knife from Scott. My most commonly used kitchen knife was an 8″ chef’s knife so I asked him to make me an 8″ custom chef knife with a G10 handle. I chose G10 for my knife handle as I felt it’s strength and durability would work well in the kitchen. I chose green and black for the handle colour.

When the time came to pick it up from Scott, I couldn’t believe how excited I was. The knife was stunning – as amazing as I had hoped for.  I absolutely loved how it turned out.

I couldn’t wait to get it home to try it out.

I use if for vegetables, meat, anything I would usually cut in the kitchen. Large onions and hard root vegetables like turnips are no match for my Sandstorm knife. 🙂 The knife easily carved the meat off of an entire pork leg I had purchased  – something my other knives had failed dismally at.

It has become my favourite “go-to” kitchen knife. It fits my hand perfectly – the ergonomics are amazing.

This knife is so good that I tend to wash it quickly and use it on the next cooking project instead of reaching for a second, less capable knife. It is an absolute joy to use.

I appreciate good tools and it is important to me that a tool used as much as a chef’s knife be of excellent quality. After all, you will be using it every day so why struggle with mediocre knives.

If you are thinking of custom chef knives, I highly recommend you talk to Scott Laughlin at Sandstorm Knives. You will have an unparalleled chef’s knife that will be the envy of your culinary-savvy friends and one you will love using every time you cook.”

– Garland Coulson, Sandstorm Custom Knife owner

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