…from our Happy Customers! 

A man with a beard shows off his Sandstorm Custom Kukri Knife.

Another happy customer and his brand new Sandstorm Custom Kukri knife!

Check out these Sandstorm Custom Knives reviews to hear what our customers have to say about the quality, craftsmanship, and design that goes into each and every Sandstorm Custom Knife, as well as our Sharpening Services. Contact us to discuss a custom order, ask questions, or come on down to our shop if you’re in the Campbell River area – we’d love to say hi in person and offer you a cup of tea!

“The best. Sandstorm does all my hunting, skinning and fillet knives. My custom fillet knife is amazing! I have had it almost two years now and just finally had to sharpen it after 100’s of lbs of salmon. Worth every penny.” – Kelly Lee

“Fixed my broken knives, sharper than ever!! Great value and great people…Thank you.” – Hugh Cupples

“My Sandstorm slices Elk roast into Jerky like no other knife. Thanks!!!” – Chris Hunter

“Very good sharpening service. Wouldn’t bring my high end knives anywhere else. Been here multiple times, excellent service with each visit, custom work is beautiful and I will be ordering a custom as soon as I can. Highly recommended to anyone.” – Jeff Bergsma

“All beautiful! No comparisons! – Cathy Thompson

“I couldn’t be happier with Sandstorm. Fair pricing and quick delivery on my sharpened blades. I will definitely be back! I highly recommend dealing with them if you are a contractor in town!” – Mackenzie Collins

“The only place the Jalapeño Grill will take their knives! Excellent job every time, great people!” – Lis Buchanan

“Very nice knives. Awesome job!” – Janet Barrett

“Took the LTD edition knife I bought from you out on a Fallow Deer cull last night in Buckinghamshire. Shot three and the knife performed beautifully! Still holding the edge you put to it from day one!” – Christopher J Drewett

A happy customer shows off his Dust Devil Sandstorm mini survival knife

One of our loyal customer’s, Kent, and his new Dust Devil mini survival knife.

“If you are thinking of custom chef knives, I highly recommend you talk to Scott Laughlin at Sandstorm Knives. You will have an unparalleled chef’s knife that will be the envy of your culinary-savvy friends and one you will love using every time you cook.” – Garland Coulson

“I got a 4 inch stellite blade from Scott at Sandstorm. Very happy with it, I use it every hunting season for gutting and skinning. Love it.” – Jam Clark

“Taxidermist, trapper, survival instructor and huntress. I trust my Sandstorm knives. I’ve used these knives for skinning, butchering, and survival for 15 years. ‘Miss Piggy’ got put to the test in Africa. 5 star quality and warranty.” – She Hunts Productions 

“Beautiful and functional!!! I have had some of these knives for literally 20 years and they are still beautiful, strong and my favourite knives indoor and outdoor!” – Michelle Morand 

“Season 3 of using my sandstorm fillet knife! Hundreds of fish filleted with it…salmon and ling cod! Hardly ever have to sharpen it! Great knife, thanks so much!” – Kyle Taylor

“14 years ago my wife and I were gifted a chef knife beautifully crafted by Scott. We use it every single day. Scott is a class act and a true craftsman.” – Trevor Dee

“I received my knife yesterday, it is fantastic. I am very happy. Thank you very much. The handle is the perfect length and shape. The blade is the perfect length and shape as well, with a little bit of flex at the tip which is just right. The engravings also add a unique touch of personality. I am very impressed. Thank you once again. Don’t be surprised if I ask for another knife in the future…I’m already thinking about it!” – Scott McKay

“Scott makes great knives! He made me a campknife to go with a nice folder…” – Max Wedges

“Hello Scott, I just wanted to say thank you again for doing such a beautiful job on my knife.  You are a true craftsman. We are sitting in the car on the the ferry heading home and have taken some more time to look at the knife. It is truly beautiful. Thanks again Scott.” – Bob Bosma

“I received the knives this last Friday and gave them to Mike over the weekend. He loves them. He said they are so beautiful he’s afraid to get blood and guts all over them. Anyway, thank you very much. I have a feeling he’ll end up getting a lot of use out of both of them.” – Vicki Telford Klein

Custom Knife maker Scott Laughlin with one of his beautiful custom knives.

Scott Laughlin, owner of Sandstorm Custom Knives, takes pride in creating beautiful, world class custom knives.
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Check out more of our happy customers in our online photo gallery.

Interested in stepping up your knife game? Call or email anytime to talk with Scott about your next custom knife. Or drop by our shop in Campbell River to check out the goods in person and get your favourite knives & tools sharpened! We look forward to hearing from you soon. 


Nothing stops a Sandstorm.


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