Custom Kitchen Knives

custom kitchen knivesWe’re all reconnecting with the joys of creating healthier, home cooked meals for ourselves and our family. And we’re rediscovering the better taste of local farmer’s market ingredients and looking for better tools to cook and prepare them. There’s a resurgence of interest in such proven better cooking methods such as cast iron cookware. People are starting to realize they need better kitchen knives than the usual poorly sharpened factory knives made with plastic handles and low-grade steel.

A good custom kitchen knife makes food preparation a joy and can be passed to your children and eventually used by your grandchildren. Sandstorm custom kitchen knives look stunning and all our kitchen knives come with the Sandstorm Promise: a lifetime warranty and lifetime free sharpening at no extra charge.

You can order your custom kitchen knives with your choice of blade steel and handle materials.

Custom Kitchen Knives Blade Metal Choices

Here is a brief explanation of the metal blade choices I offer for your custom knife.

  • S30V or NITRO V stainless steel
  • Carbon Damascus – beautiful patterned steel
  • Stainless Damascus – beautiful patterned steel that is more element friendly

Custom Kitchen Knives Handle Material Choices

custom kitchen knivesHere are your handle choices for your custom knife.

  • Common hardwoods such as cocabolo or kingwood
  • Stabilized maple or paduk – stabilizing makes sure there is no warping or shrinkage
  • Stabilized Burls
  • G10 Fibreglass – waterproof – colours don’t fade or tarnish – solid or colour alternating layers
  • Micarta – solid or colour alternated – allows for textured finish – grippier surface – can sandblast finish on canvas Micarta – great for survival knives in wet conditions
  • Linen Micarta – smoother finish


ALL knives come with lifetime free sharpening – so you know your kitchen and chef’s knife will be ready come holiday or entertaining season.

Order early – it takes time to create your custom knife. Time will vary depending on availability of materials and our current knife order queue.

For a price quote, contact us or call 250-287-2194.